Jerry LaPrath Elected to General Chairman

Jerry LaPrath was elected by acclamation to the office of General Chairman at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe/Montana Rail Link (BNSF/MRL) General Committee of Adjustment’s (GCA) 14th triennial meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, on June 20, 2016.

A member of BLET Division 392 (Havre, Mont.), Brother LaPrath hired out in 1979 as a clerk with the Burlington Northern out of Laurel, Mont. He transferred to train service and began working as a switchman/brakeman in 1980, and earned promotion to locomotive engineer out of Havre, Mont., in 1994. He has held continuous membership in BLET Division 392 since June 1, 1997.

Also elected by acclamation were: 1st Vice Chairman Matt O. Wilson, Division 104 (Spokane, Wash.); 2nd Vice Chairman Ken J. Psota, Division 623 (McCook, Neb.); 3rd Vice Chairman Matt E. Brandt, Division 727 (Sterling, Colo.); 4th Vice Chairman Steven V. Halbrook, Division 94 (Gillette, Wyo.); and Secretary-Treasurer Kevin E. Foley, Division 517 (St. Paul, Minn.).

Alternate officers elected by acclamation were: 1st Alternate Vice Chairman Steven E. Snyder, Division 104 (Spokane, Wash.); 2nd Alternate Vice Chairman Brian H. Fransen, Division 207 (Casper, Wyo.); and 3rd Alternate Vice Chairman Jess J. Nelson, Division 842 (Klamath Falls, Ore.). Brother Chris H. Bartley, Division 58 (Wishram, Wash.), was elected Alternate Secretary-Treasurer.

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